China Grid-Scale Energy Storage forecast 2012-2016

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  China grid scale storage 2012-2016 In 2012, China’s electric grid will become the largest in the world in terms of both installed generation capacity and electricity produced. China also possesses the world’s largest installed wind power base and the world’s largest declared investment in renewable energy. Based on their market research, Green Tech Media and Azure International, are claiming …

Chinese Research Developed New Nano Lithium Titanate Material

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A research team from Fudan University led by Prof. Xia Yongyao successfully developed new nano lithium titanate material of high electronic conductivity for better and safer lithium-ion batteries. Combination of solid-phase synthesis techniques and carbon-coating technology is applied in this research. The new lithium-ion battery can be used for storage of large scale energy from, for example, solar and wind. …

Ministry of Science and Technology issued plan for China’s cloud computing industry

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Last week, Ministry of Science and Technology issued its 12th Five-Year Plan (2011-15) for China’s cloud computing industry. The Plan aims at the establishment of China’s cloud computing technology system and standards and breakthroughs in key technologies by 2015 in cloud computing equipment, core software and supporting platforms. It also foresees R&D of cloud computing systems and solutions and expects …

China’s top 20 internet companies

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Below is a list of China’s top 20 internet companies, ranked by total reached users in the first half of 2012. The research was based on long-term monitoring for 400,000 network behavior samples. Table made by NOST, data from iResearch

Why isn’t there a Mark Zuckerberg in China?

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Dr. Kai-Fu Lee, founder of Innovation Works and previously founding president of Google China, gives his thoughts on this question in his blog on CaiJing. He makes the case that the Chinese education system is more focused on depth rather than breadth. Chinese students might excel at math and engineering, they often need many years after their study to become …

China’s R&D roadmap Silicon Carbide for power electronic devices utilization

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The Chinese Smart Grid Research Institute of State Grid Corporation of China (SGCC) pays high attention on Silicon Carbide (SiC) R&D and its application for power electronic devices and switches. During the China International Conference on Electricity Distribution 2012 in Shanghai on 5-9 September, Prof. Kunshan YU, Director of the New Materials and Microelectronics department of SGCC, revealed an ambitious …

Enter the VC Dragon

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Entrepreneurs looking for funding this year, might find a more difficult time getting a decent valuation. Venture capitalists (VCs) are much more cautious. Startups wanting to find out more about the current VC climat might like to join the event organized by Silicon Dragon next week (september 13). They have invited a range of top VCs in Shanghai, including Steamboat …

Strong Dutch presence at IoT China 2012

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The Netherlands has a strong international position in development and application of IoT (Internet of Things). This was, once more, underlined at the two days conference IoT China 2012. A total of four Dutch experts presented their in-depth views on various topics related to IoT. IoT China 2012 took place on 28 and 29 June in Shanghai. This year the …

Chinese submersible reaches staggering depth of 7062m

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The Chinese submersible JiaoLong have set an new national record yesterday by diving 7,062 meters below sea level. The same submersible reached 5,188 metres in a Pacific dive in July last year. And in a series of three previous dives since June 15, the submersible has gone deeper each time. Jiaolong is diving in the deepest part of the oceans: …

Zhongguancun: Silicon Valley in Beijing?

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China’s internet population is the largest in the world. On top of that the country is experiencing rapid economic growth. Those two aspects together with an abundance of highly skilled IT-graduates create opportunities for online entrepreneurship. Especially in the Zhongguancun area in Beijing many examples can be found of successful IT companies and startups. Having a good network, understanding the …