Chinese submersible reaches staggering depth of 7062m

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The Chinese submersible JiaoLong have set an new national record yesterday by diving 7,062 meters below sea level. The same submersible reached 5,188 metres in a Pacific dive in July last year. And in a series of three previous dives since June 15, the submersible has gone deeper each time. Jiaolong is diving in the deepest part of the oceans: …

Intelligent Logistics Seminar boosts collaboration between Dutch and Chinese logistics parties

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The earlier announced seminar on intelligent logistics held by NOST and Shanghai International Shipping Institute has successfully stimulated collaboration between the Dutch and Chinese logistic sector. Guests included corporate, government and knowledge institutes from both China and The Netherlands. The high number of interested parties for this specific field reflected the demand for a seminar which combines innovative applications in …

Sino-Dutch offshore wind seminar held

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On Monday 27 February a Sino-Dutch platform meeting in the field of offshore wind was held in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province in China. During the platform meeting, Dutch and Chinese policy makers, companies and experts shared their views on the development of offshore wind. Opening speeches were given by the Dutch Ambassador Mr. Rudolf Bekink and the Deputy Director General of …

Zhongguancun: Silicon Valley in Beijing?

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China’s internet population is the largest in the world. On top of that the country is experiencing rapid economic growth. Those two aspects together with an abundance of highly skilled IT-graduates create opportunities for online entrepreneurship. Especially in the Zhongguancun area in Beijing many examples can be found of successful IT companies and startups. Having a good network, understanding the …

China to be biggest global e-commerce market by 2015

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China is already home to the world’s largest online population but its e-commerce market is currently worth ‘only’ US$74 billion – less than half that of the US at $177 billion. But the Chinese e-commerce market is growing rapidly and with such a large online population, it may leap-frog over the penetration rate of standard retail stores. This is potentially …

Overview Of China Social Media Equivalents

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“Ogilvy China updated its infographic showing China’s social media equivalents – or copycats, as Western media loves to call them. Of course many of these started out as copycats, but most evolved into much more than the original Western website, either by adding additional functionalities or by localization of functions.”, wrote Marc van der Chijs (Dutch entrepreneur in Shanghai) on …

The tomato unraveled

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In cooperation with the Chinese instituut BGI in Shenzhen, which is specialized in DNA-sequencing, has the dutch Technical Top Institute Green Genetics (TTI GG) announced to start a ’100 tomato’s genome project’. During the project Chinese and Dutch will work closely together to unravel the Genome from hundred tomato varieties. More about this subject you can find on our website …

Making sense of the buzz on Chinese social media

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NOST (TWA netwerk) paid a visit today to CIC in Shanghai. CIC is one of China’s leading social business intelligence providers. They are active in this market since 2004. In their own words, they are ‘making sense of the buzz’. China has many different social media platforms, with a huge amount of users. To get a feeling of the size …

Baidu says bye bye to its microblog

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China’s search engine giant Baidu is shutting down its microblogging service ‘Baidu ShuoBa’ by 22 of August. The service which was launched last year, and was competing with microblogging services like Sina’s Weibo, Tencent’s Weibo and many more. Tencent claims 200m users and Sina 140m for their microblogs.